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Instructional leadership for Educational Change in STEM Teaching and Learning- October 2014

Photo Credit: Dr. Ellen Meier

Photo Credit: Dr. Ellen Meier

On October 28 and 29, the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León[1] (UANL) invited Dr. Ellen Meier and Rita Sanchez to Monterrey, Nuevo León to present the program on “Instructional Leadership for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Teaching and Learning”(ILSTEM) for the Bachillerato Bilingüe Progresivo[2] to the 29 UANL high school principals.

Through this program, the Center for Technology and School Change (CTSC) will engage 58 teacher leaders, specifically science and mathematics teachers, and 29 principals, in an intense three-module, 50-hr professional blended learning experience in issues surrounding instructional leadership for educational change in STEM teaching and learning. Facilitators from the Center will have the opportunity to work on-site at the UANL high schools, as well as lead asynchronous and synchronous online sessions with the participants.

The overall goal of the ILSTEM program is to create a supportive culture for implementing an authentic, transformational STEM program in the UANL Bachillerato Bilingüe Progresivo by fostering an inquiry stance as an overall organizational perspective for the teaching, learning, and leading needed for systemic change.

 Dr. Ellen Meier and Rita Sanchez at ILSTEM-Mexico

Dr. Ellen Meier and Rita Sanchez at ILSTEM-Mexico

Bulgaria Young Leaders Program – Educational Leaders’ Training Program

(BYLP – ELTP) October 2014

BYLP-ELTP brought 18 teacher leaders from Bulgaria to Teachers College for a dynamic three-week training program to explore and to learn about instructional innovation and the role of Technology for reimagining educational landscapes. The program consisted of two distinct, but integrated components: 1) academic sessions facilitated by the Center, and 2) field work experiences to learn first-hand from public high school and Independent school educators that utilize project-based learning approaches and new technologies in their classrooms. ELTP is one of four Bulgarian Young Leaders Programs coordinated by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and sponsored by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The Center works in collaboration with the Office of International Affairs at Teachers College to coordinate the program.  A recent TC Media Center article, Bulgaria Was In the House, captures the spirit of the initiative.

i2 Camp, Summer 2014

recently collaborated, for a second year, with i2 Camp, a hands-on summer program, focused on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM).  CTSC is an evaluation partner with i2, helping to develop and expand the learning opportunities for students entering grades five through eight, opportunities they might not have in traditional classroom settings. The camp broadens childrens’ exposure to STEM through the development and implementation of innovative courses, such as Nanotechnology, and the Physics of Photography. The goal is to foster an interest in the disciplines that will carry over into their future schoolwork and school choices.  In the summer of 2014, there were nineteen i2 Camp locations in the U.S., and two i2 Camp sites in Africa.  Year Two findings will be available in late 2014.

For more information about the Center’s work with i2 Camp, visit

International Program for the Development of High School Leaders

(IPDHSL – Mexico) June 2014

CTSC recently partnered with the principals in the New York City area. An exploration of the realities and challenges facing Nuevo León high school leaders served as an important foundation for the work. Overall, the program supported principals in constructing a deeper understanding of the role of leadership in varying institutional contexts. Principals also conceptualized strategies and actionable plans to support organizational change for teaching and learning in the 21st Century.e Instituto de Investigación, Innovación y Estudios de Posgrado para la Educación (IIIEPE) to design and deliver a training program for 76 high-school principals from Nuevo León, Mexico. The Center-facilitated study tour focused on issues surrounding educational leadership and innovation, and included a combination of academic sessions and visitations with Cahn Fellows.

[1] The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) is the third largest university in Mexico and the most important one in the northeast part of the country. The UANL is a public institution committed with society and the academic development of professionals in a broad range of fields. The UANL has an important high school level division that is the largest educational provider for secondary education in the state of Nuevo León.

[2] The Bachillerato Bilingüe Progresivo is an awarded program committed to preparing students for future success by focusing on responsible citizenship, second language learning, and college readiness.

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