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Dr. Jessica Riccio and Dr. Janell Catlin Share Pedagogy and Practice with Indonesian Educators

By • Jan 6th, 2015 • Category: Science Education
MST Faculty Share Pedagogy and Practice with Indonesian Educators
by Dr. Donald G. Fulton
The Center for the Environment, Economy, and Society at Columbia University and the Institut Pertanian Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, were awarded funding by the United States Agency for International Development for a comprehensive strategic program to improve STEM education in Indonesian high schools.  The Office of International Affairs at Teachers College was asked to collaborate in developing a two week study tour, during the winter of 2013, for a small group of Indonesian university faculty and high school principals. The purpose of the study tour was to learn from some of New York’s best STEM high schools and cultural institutions, as well as hearing from TC (and other) STEM educators.
This program was followed by the visit of a small delegation of TC faculty to the Institut Pertanian Bogor in order to provide lectures and workshops to a larger group, including high school teachers, on modern STEM education as conceived and carried out in America.  This visit took place in the fall of 2013.  Other elements of the overall program included placing a resident Columbia University faculty member at the Indonesian university and acquiring and installing fabrication labs (with 3D printers) in three high schools and at the university.

MST faculty who participated in the two week study tour in New York were Dr. Jessica Riccio, who spoke on content area literacy and student teaching programs; Dr. Erica Walker, who presented on mathematics learning communities; and Dr. Donald Fulton, who gave a history of science education in the United States.  Our visitors also were treated to tours and talks at six wonderful STEM education school sites in New York, the American Museum of Natural History, and the New York Botanical Garden.  They said the study tour exceeded their expectations.

Faculty who travelled to Indonesia during the fall of 2013 were: Dr. Janell Catlin, who carried out activities and spoke on the challenges of urban education, inclusive STEM education for girls and women, and the Next Generation of Science Standards in America; Dr. Riccio, who likewise presented on pre-service teaching programs, scientific literacy and content literacy, and literacy assessment; and Dr. Fulton, who presented on current science education methods, ethnobotany, and the value of student long-term science projects.  These presentations took place over the course of a week at the Institut Pertanian Bogor.  Attendees said that they were very happy with the new concepts and insights to which they were exposed and Drs. Catlin, Riccio, and Fulton enjoyed themselves immensely.

Photo Credit: Dr. Janell Catlin

Photo Credit: Dr. Janell Catlin

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