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By • Feb 5th, 2014 • Category: Publications & Presentations

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Publications and Presentations

Boda, P. A., & Rahman, S. (2014, January). Conceptual Change, Participatory Research, and Co-generative Dialogues: A Single Case-Study. Paper accepted for ASTE 2014 International Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Boda, P. A. (2013, October). Elementary Teaching of the Nature of Science: Media Usage, Modeling, and the NGSS. Roundtable facilitated at NE-ASTE 2013 Regional Conference, Black Rock Forest, NY.

Boda, P. A. (2013, November). Pre-Service Science Teacher Narratives: Constructing Stories to Integrate Technology, Assessment, and Curriculum. Paper accepted for 2013 Annual Conference of School Science and Mathematics Association, San Antonio, TX.

Doyne, S., & Azeka, S. (2013). A Manhattan Teacher Revisits Hurricane Sandy. New York Times: The Learning Network. Retrieved from manhattan-teacher-revisits-hurricane-sandy.

Murray, D. R. (2013). A Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities at Teachers College: David Eugene Smith’s Collection. Boston: Docent Press.

Schulten, K. et al. (2013). What ‘Connected Education’ Looks Like: 28 Examples From Teachers All Over. New York Times: The Learning Network. Retrieved from

Trop, J. (2013). The Deadliest Lie: A Novel. Memphis, TN. Bell Books. a Miriam bat Isaac Mystery set in Ancient Alexandria.

Wasserman, N., & Stockton, J. (2013). Horizon content knowledge in the work of teaching: A focus on planning. For the Learning of Mathematics, 33(3), pp. 20-22.

Zuckerman, J. T. (2009). From Lesson Plans to Power Struggles, grades 6-12: Classroom Management Strategies for New Teachers. Thousand Oaks, CA. Corwin Press.



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