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Accomplishments and Announcements

By • Feb 5th, 2014 • Category: Accomplishments, Announcements

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Accomplishments & Announcement

O. Roger Anderson and Julie Contino, Science Education EdD 2011, are the authors of Chapter 1 of the same book: The role of visualization in conceptual learning and conceptual change (pp. 3-22).

Phillip Boda, Science Education EdM candidate, facilitated a roundtable discussion about utilizing multiple early children’s television show videos with increasing conceptual complexity to dampen cognitive load. In addition to providing a venue for elementary school teachers to integrate the nature of science within their pedagogical practice – emphasis was made on using content models in the classroom to aid in adopting the NGSS.

Phillip Boda, Science Education EdM candidate, presented a single qualitative case-study that utilized participatory research paradigms to investigate the use of a co-generative dialogic process in order to describe the reflective process of participating in research analysis for conceptual change. The specific emphasis was on making the participant’s conceptual ecology transparent about her ideas of multicultural science education after taking a semester-long Urban and Multicultural Science Education course.

Karen Blumberg, CCTE MA 2013, launched edcampMumbai, the first edcamp in India, on October 26. This was followed by edcampNYC, the 5th edcamp in NYC, on November 9th. Edcamps are unconferences, and they are unlike any other professional development experience. First, there is no set schedule until the morning of the event. As attendees arrive, they can post topics to the empty session board. (We have examples of session boards from previous years to give you an idea of the types of conversations held.) Second, you get to choose what sessions you want to attend based on your interests. If the topic doesn’t apply to you, or you don’t enjoy the session, you can leave and choose a different one. For more information, visit and

Diane Murray, Mathematics Education PhD 2012, has published her first book, A Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities at Teachers College: David Eugene Smith’s Collection. The David Eugene Smith archives at Columbia University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library contain the printed material, manuscripts, portraits and medallions, autographs, and mathematical instruments from his collection. The collection is no longer open to the public as an exhibition. This book provides a special look at the collection by using Smith’s own words to guide the reader into what he recollected about the piece while also pinpointing what he valued and thought most important in his collection. For more information, visit

Jason Wu, Science Education PhD candidate, received a Phi Delta Kappa scholarship in October 2013 to travel to Ireland and the United Kingdom to learn about their education systems. Joined by accomplished professors, teachers, and administrators, they visited schools of education at Trinity College and the University of London. They also visited and met with students and staff at various primary and secondary schools. His anecdotes about his experience can be found here:


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