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TC Cross-Cultural Games Challenge and Incubator

By • Sep 16th, 2013 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Groups deliver pitch presentations for innovative mobile app ideas.

In an effort to encourage the development of creative ideas, entrepreneurship and game-based technology solutions to address challenges facing education, the TC Games Research Lab launched the first ever Educational Games Incubator Challenge on April 19. This year’s theme was Cross-Cultural Games — to design and develop a mobile game to teach English vocabulary to non-native speakers in an effective and fun way based upon solid learning theory and game design principles.

Of twenty-four submissions, six teams were chosen by judges to give extended pitch presentations for the final round. The panel of judges represented academia, industry, and non-profit: Dr. Joey J. Lee, Assistant Professor of Technology and Education at TC; Dr. Charles Kinzer, Professor of Technology and Education at TC; Scott Price, Senior Project Manager at BrainPOP; Anna Ly, Research Fellow at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center; Samuel Ahn, CEO of Big Apple Education; and Pen-Pen Chen, Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist for the NYC Department of Education and CEO of Penguistics Solutions.

Groups deliver pitch presentations for innovative mobile app ideas.

A networking mixer brought together experts in the field and many students interested in game design and development.

The winning teams receive up to $16,000 in seed funding to partner with the TC Games Research Lab to design and develop the educational games. The lab will incubate the projects over the following year.  This event was very well received, especially as a means to bring together talented individuals all over New York City with similar interests and to mobilize their efforts to create successful educational technology projects.

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