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In Memory of Dr. Joseph E. Bowman, Jr., 1950-2013

By • Sep 16th, 2013 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Dr. Joseph Bowman, 62, passed away at Ellis Hospital on April 10, 2013. Dr. Bowman was born in Brooklyn, to the late Joseph and Violetta Bowman.

He attended the University at Albany where he earned his bachelor’s degree in African Studies and Sociology in 1972 and his masters in Library Science and Secondary Education in 1975. Dr. Bowman continued his education at TC where he earned EdD ’91, ME ’83, Instructional Technology and Media; MA ’84, Computing in Education. Dr. Bowman received the 2007-2008 MST Distinguished Alumnus Award. He was elected to the New York State Board of Regents in 2001. Dr. Joseph “OJ” Bowman was a great human contributor to education and social issues in New York State. He continuously served as a advocate and spearheaded long and endless efforts for minority and economically disadvantaged students to ensure their inclusion in the revolution of educational technology.

Dr. Joseph Bowman Jr. is survived by his wife Etwin, daughters, Amber and Alicia and his brother, William and a large extended family will all live to cherish fond memories.

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