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MST Faculty, Alumni & Student Spotlight in TC Today Magazine

By • Aug 2nd, 2012 • Category: MST Announcement

Several Mathematics Science and Technology Department faculty, alumni, and current students are spotlighted in the newest issue of the TC Today, The Magazine of Teachers College, Columbia University. The articles describe the current research projects and accomplishments of MST faculty, alumni, and students.

MST Faculty Spotlight Direct Reference

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8 Cool Toys from TC MAT-MATICS Professor Dan Hoffman, and Seungoh Paek, Selen Yurkay, Zhou Zhou, doctoral students in Instructional Technology & Media.

8 Cool Toys from TC TC Educator, Second Life Selen Turkay, doctoral student in Instructional Technology & Media. 

11 Essays@tc High Tech, Low Expectations by Dr. Howard Budin.

13 Essays@tc Toward A Multimodal Stance in Pedagogy by Dr. Lalita Vasudevan.

26 Special Report_Data-Mining in Education How Old Are You Now? Dr. Herbert Ginsburg by Joe Levine.

32 Robots That Get It Wrong To err is human- but machines can do it too. Dr. Sandra Okita believes we can learn from our mistakes by Patricia Lamiell.

38 Play than Smoke by Patricia Lamiell.

42 Learning Because We Want To Dr. Charles Kinzer uses technology to understand the role of motivation in education, by Joe Levine.

45 Helping Non-Native Speakers Write Academic English An Intergrated Digital Writing Space for English Language Learners, Developed by Dr. Jo Anne Kleifgen and Dr. Charles Kinzerby Suzzane Guillette.

46 Game for Learning  By “gamifying” science and other subjects, Dr. Joey Lee is getting students to take an active approach to their learning, by Suzanne Guillette. 

48 Learning By Doing 2.0 Dr. John Black and his students are leaders in exploring technology that makes use of grounded cognition, by Joe Levine.

51 Learning From Scratch A user- friendly design and programming language has gone viral, with help from some advocates at TC Dr. Cameron Fadjo, by Suzanne Guillette.

61 Alumni News Learning By Teaching Daniel Schwartz (TC ’88, ’92) has created software that puts students in the driver’s seat, by Barbara Finkelstein.

62 Alumni News Communication and Education Robert Vassalotti (M.A. ’02) is Co-Chair of the Middle States 2012.

62 Alumni News Mathematics Education Jeremiah Sumter Jr. (M.A. ’04) is currently finishing his third year of course work for a doctorate in Educational Policy and Leadership at Hofstra University.

62 Alumni News Science Education  Tom Holt (M.A. ’08) received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Illinois.

63 Alumni Focus Empirically Speaking As President and COO of Wireless Generation, Josh Reibel has learned to follow the data, by Joe Levine.

66 If at First You Don’t Succeed.. Manu Kapur (TC ’06), by Suzanne Guillette.

70 Alumni_Focus (DE)Vice Squad Leader Nabeel Ahmad (Ed.D ’09), by Siddhartha Mitter.

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