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Faculty/ Research Spotlight: Dr. Ann Rivet, Ph. D., Science Education Program, NSF Grant

By • Apr 19th, 2012 • Category: Science Education

Dr. Ann Rivet, an Associate Professor of Science Education at Teachers College, grew up in New Hampshire and attended Brown University to study physics. Although, overall a positive experience, she shares, “I remember very distinctly sitting in my quantum mechanics class, watching the back of my professor’s head as he was writing long Greek symbols [...]

Project Rebirth: 10 Years, 5 Lives

By • Apr 16th, 2012 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design, Lead Story

A 9/11 film’s elegiac tone resonates with those still coping with the emotional remnants of a historic tragedy. by Dino Sossi The arc of news-driven, mass media narratives regretfully tends to mimic the form of the tragedies they cover. Intense in coverage. Short in duration. And unfortunately, after the incident mercifully settles down, sometimes are [...]

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jinho Kim, Mathematics Ed.D. 2002

By • Apr 16th, 2012 • Category: Mathematics Education

Dr. Jinho Kim, Mathematics Education program graduate in 2002, was born in South Korea. He is currently working as an Associate Professor at Daegu National University of Education in Korea. Prof. Kim has fond memories of all his professors within the Mathematics Education program at Teachers College, especially Dr. Bruce Vogeli. He recalls various opportunities [...]

CCTE Student Spotlight: Tatyana Dvorkin, Instructional Technology & Media, M.A. 2012

By • Apr 16th, 2012 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Tatyana Dvorkin, current Communication, Computing and Technology in Education (CCTE) student in Instructional Technology and Media M.A. program. She was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. She came to the United States when she was eleven years of age. Tatyana graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2009, with a B.A. in [...]

Accomplishments & Announcements

By • Apr 16th, 2012 • Category: Accomplishments, Announcements

 Faculty, Adjunct, Student and Alumni Accomplishments & Announcements Dr. Fernand Brunschwig, Adjunct Associate Professor in Science Education, was recognized with the Jerry Resnick Memorial Presidential Award at the SCONYC conference at Styvesant HS. The Physics Club of NY sponsored by the Physics Teachers NYC presented the award. He was honored for “organizing the Saturday morning [...]

Adjunct Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Mathangi Subramanian, CCTE Program

By • Apr 16th, 2012 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Dr. Mathangi Subramanian, an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Communication, Computing and Technology (CCTE) in Education program, teaching TV and the Development of Youth, and have taught Human and Social Dimensions of Peace. She is also a Teachers College graduate of the CCTE doctoral program, Ed.D. 2010, where Professor Lalitha Vasudevan and Professor Ellen Meier [...]

Publications and Presentations

By • Apr 16th, 2012 • Category: Publications & Presentations

  Faculty, Adjunct, Student and Alumni Publications and Presentations Alexander, N. (2012, April). An Analysis of Urban Students’ Attitudes, Behaviors, and Academic Communities in Mathematics. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, BC. Alexander, N. N., & Leong, R. (2012). The student perspective: An analysis of the effectiveness of online [...]