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By • Nov 8th, 2011 • Category: Publications & Presentations

Cocciolo, A. (2011). Situating Student Learning in Rich Contexts: A Constructionist Approach to Digital Archives Education. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 6(3), 4-15.

Cocciolo, A. & Rabina, D. (2011). Using Mobile Technology to Promote Historical Understanding: Exploring German Traces on the Streets of New York. Mobility Shifts.

Day, Leslie, Science Education, Ed.D. 2003. Authored book on the history, identify and care of New York City’s street trees. Day, Leslie. 2011. Field Guide to the Street Trees of New York City.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Espinoza, F. (2011). The Nature of Science Integrating Historical, Philosophical, and Sociological Perspectives . Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. (Original work published 2011)

E. Satake & D.L.Maxwell (2011), “Evidence-Based Statistics: Measures for the Strength of the Evidence”, Proceeding of Short Courses at the annual American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention, Rockville, MD

Fusto, Dean, CCTE, M.A., 2012 Published a book which focuses on K-12 curriculum for the language and culture classroom. It utilizes research on 21st century skills, service-learning, Web 2.0, and identity theory to promote cross-cultural understanding. In addition, it promotes the use of experiential modalities of pedagogy to educate learners about stereotypes, media literacy, and cultural differences.   Fusto, D.J., (2012). The next best thing to being there. Rochester: Carlex Incorporated.

Gastrich M.D., Barone J. Bachmann G, Anderson M, Balica A.  Robotic surgery: review of the latest advances, risks,  and outcomes    Journal of Robotic Surgery: Volume 5, Issue 2 (2011), Page 79-97.

Gastrich, M.D., L. Cohen, D. Thomas and A. Pitchika. Common Markers of Preeclampsia and CVD sequelae.  (Accepted 9-10-10).  Clinical Laboratory International.

Gastrich M.D., Faro R, & Rosen T. 2010.  Markers of preeclampsia and the relationship to cardiovascular disease: review of the twenty-first century literature Journal of Maternal Fetal and Neonatal Medicine. volume 23, issue 8, pages 751-768.

Gastrich, M.D., Bachmann G, Balica A, Lasser NL. 2008. A review of randomized controlled trials showing     the benefits of nutritional and pharmacological treatments to reduce carotid intima media thickness. Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 23(2):161-189.

Gastrich M.D., NL Lasser, Wien M, Bachmann G.  2008 Dietary complex carbohydrates and low glycemic index/load decrease levels of specific metabolic syndrome/CVD risk factors. Topics in Clinical Nutrition. 23(1): 76-96.

Gastrich, M.D., G. Bachmann,  M. Wien 2007.  A Review of  Recent Studies Assessing  the Impact of Additive Sugar in the Diet.  Topics in Clinical Nutrition. V. 22(2): 137-155.

Kinzer, C. K. (April, 2003). The social and synergistic characteristics of metacognition. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago           

Hibbert, M. (2011, November). “Using video to present research: A case study of The Voice for Teachers College Record.”  Paper presented at iCERi, the International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation, Madrid, Spain

Lin, L., & Bigenho, C. (2011). Note-taking and memory in different media environments. Computers in the Schools. 28(3). 200-216.            Lin, L., Lee, J., & Robertson, T. (2011). Reading while watching video: The effect of video content on reading comprehension and media multitasking ability. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 45(2). 183-201.

Richards, Reshan, current Ed.D. student in the CCTE program, created and published Explain Everything, a screen recording and multimedia design app for the iPad.  It has reached the #1 educational app daily download in Australia, Canada, and Finland several times since its release, and has steadily been in the top 100 US educational apps. This app was developed in conjunction with Reshan’s intended dissertation research on the intersection of formative assessment, multimedia design, and mobile learning. This past summer, Reshan took on the position of Director of Educational Technology at the Montclair Kimberley Academy in Montclair, NJ.            Richards, R. (2011). iPads and Assessment. Presented at EdCampNYC, New York, NY. October, 2011.

Wenninger, Magnus, Mathematics Education, M.A., 1961. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co., Saarbrucken Germany,  has done a re-print of the NCTM Seventh Printing, 1996, Copyright 1966, 1975, of Polyhedron Models for the Classroom, copyright  2011 by Magnus Wenninger and LAP.

Wilkins, J. R. (n.d.). Construction workers’ perceptions of health and safety training programmes. Journal of Construction Management and Economics.

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