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By • Nov 7th, 2011 • Category: Accomplishments, Announcements

Dr. Christopher Emdin (Assistant Professor, Science Education Program) was awarded the 2011 Strage Junior Faculty Prize. This award includes the Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation. Attached is the link to the production of a web video that highlights the work of the recipient. Click here to see the video.

Dr. Joey Lee (Assistant Professor, Communication, Computing and Technology Program) was cited by President Susan Fuhrman in her State of the College Address as one of the “Rising Stars” among the new faculty appointed at the College in recognition of his work on digital gaming to enhance school-based learning across the disciplines.

Dr. Robin Stern (Adjunct Associate Professor, Communication, Computing and Technology Program) recently published a book, together with Courtney E. Martin, titled Project Rebirth: Survival and the Strength of the Human Spirit from 9/11 Survivors. Click here to get more information about this book.

Stroud Nick, Science Education Ph.D. ,2008 graduate has been appointed as Assistant Professor of Science and Technology Education at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA), in North Adams, MA. In addition to teaching and advising duties, Dr. Stroud works closely with the Berkshire STEM Pipeline and local schools to further develop STEM education in the Berkshires.

Stahl Nathaniel, Mathematics Education M.S. , 2012 has published an article titled “An Analysis of Calculator Use and Strategy Selection by Prison Inmates Taking the Official GED Practice Test” in the September 2011 issue of the Journal of Correctional Education.

Blumberg Karen, CCTE M.A., 2001 has organized EdCampNYC on  October 1st, 2011. This was the 2nd annual EdCampNYC conference held at The School at Columbia University, New York, NY. “Collaborating with New Media and New Literacies” on Oct. 14th, 2011 at the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools, Redmond, WA.

Cho Hoyun, Mathematics Education Ph.D., 2012 has been invited to do two presentations at the 61st annual conference of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State on October 27 -28.  Cho, H. & Lawrence, G. (2011, October). Do cartoons affect students’ mathematics learning? Presentation at Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State 61th annual AMTNYS meeting. Rochester, NY. Cho, H. & Lawrence, G. (2011, October). Use cartoon as an assessment tool in mathematics. Presentation at Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State 61th annual AMTNYS meeting. Rochester, NY.

Lin Lin, CCTE Ed.D., 2006 has conducted a series of research on media multitasking, which has received some media attention. Her name was mentioned in an article in Scientific America. She was interviewed by a Danish newspaper Ingeniøren and a Swill newspaper Le Temps regarding her research and takes on the impacts of media multitasking on learning. She was also interviewed by the Careers and Colleges Magazine on the myth of multitasking and invited to speak at the National Public Radio. Please refer to her website for more information on her current research projects and publications.

Gastrich, Mary, CCTE Ph.D., 1986, Volunteer Faculty Award, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences. Awarded  June 14, 2010 faculty meeting.

Charles J. Greenberg, CCTE, Ed.M. 1995. Special Projects Librarian for the Cushing /Whitney Medical Library, Yale University, New Haven, CT, and co-director, Yale Medicine Thesis Digital Library, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (, an organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). At NDLTD’s  ETD2011 meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, he co-presented a paper entitled “ Where Sharing Should Not Go: An Environmental Scan of Originality Assurance Awareness and Efforts to Discourage or Prevent Plagiarism.”    At the 2011 Medical Library Association annual meeting, he also presented two papers and a poster session.  Greenberg, CJ & McLean, A (2011) Where Sharing Should Not Go: An Environmental Scan of Originality Assurance Awareness and Efforts to Discourage or Prevent Plagiarism. ETD 2011, Cape Town, South Africa.    ” Greenberg, CJ (2011) Group activities in online instruction: A social knowledge-sharing group exercise to evaluate the implementation of National Library of Medicine’s 2006-2016 Long Range Plan. MLA 2011, May 15, 2011. Slides available at this link. Greenberg, CJ A Passage to Armenia. MLA 2011, May 16, 2011. Slides available at this link. Greenberg, CJ, Wang, L Building health literacy among an urban teenage population by creating online health videos for public and school health curriculum use. MLA 2011, May 17, 2011 Poster Session.

Groome, Meghan Science Education, Ph.D., 2007, has been recently promoted to Director of K12 Education and Public Programs at the New York Academy of Sciences and also received an appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor at SUNY ESF.

Moody, Kathryn Currier, CCTE, Ed.D., 1993. Last summer the Center for Media Literacy, in Los Angeles, published online a history of media literacy with an international perspective covering the period 1960-1990.  Moody was one of 20 people interviewed at length whose chapter-length contribution was then included in this work titled, Voices of Media Literacy: International Pioneers Speak. The “pioneers” were from UK; US; Australia; and Canada.  Moody was invited because her work was among the first in the 1960s and 1970s with Marshall McLuhan, John Culkin and others, and included development of the first TV studio in an elementary school.  The early production work was the subject of her dissertation at Teachers College in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, subsequently published as The Children of Telstar, 1999. “Center for Media Literacy,Voices of Media Literacy: International Pioneers Speak.” Can be found at this link., July 22, 2011.

Wilkins, James, CCTE, M. A.  Dec. 2011 just had an article accepted for publication in the Journal of Construction Management and Economics. The title of the article is: “”Construction workers’ perceptions of health and safety training programmes”" The article explored how adult learning theory could be quite useful in the development and deployment of workplace education and training programmes.

Sanchez, Jaime, Science Education, Ed.D. 1985; report of the research appeared in Science Magazine: REARDON, S. (2011, September 30). Playing by Ear Audio-based computer games are helping blind volunteers learn navigation skills and may unlock mysteries of the sightless mind. Science, 333(6051), 1816-1818.

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