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Accomplishments & Announcements

By • Nov 24th, 2010 • Category: Accomplishments, Announcements

Nathan N. Alexander, a current PhD student in the Mathematics Education Program, was awarded a Dean’s Grant for Student Research. He will be conducting a pilot study which identifies cases of mathematics success among urban minority students within schools and during their time outside of school, such as in after-school programs, at home, or even [...]

Current Student Spotlight: Kristine Rodriguez, Doctoral Student in CCTE Program

By • Nov 24th, 2010 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Kristine Rodriguez has always had a passion for reading and writing. As a young girl, Kristine “devoured books” and would spend weekends waking up early and reading in bed until the late afternoon. Her love of reading transitioned naturally into an interest in writing and for several years she collected pieces of her writing in [...]

Recent Publications & Presentations

By • Nov 24th, 2010 • Category: Publications & Presentations

Baird, J. (2010). “Comic Projects in the Classroom: Using Interactive Sequential Art to Enhance Education.” Workshop and presentation given at the University of Texas Charter School 2nd Annual Teach and Share, Austin, TX. Baird, J. (2011). “Interactive Comics: Techniques to Enhance Math Education.” Presentation given at SXSW Interactive 2011, Austin, TX. Chiou, G.-L. & Anderson, [...]

Adjunct Spotlight: Dr. Peter Garrity, Mathematics Education Visiting Professor

By • Nov 24th, 2010 • Category: Mathematics Education

Growing up in Boston, Peter Garrity never thought of himself as a good mathematics student. “In high school, I was the kind of person that memorized my way through math, never making any connections. I went to Stonehill College, and I was going to be an economics major but I’m not the kind of person [...]

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Eileen Donoghue, Mathematics Education Ed.D. 1987

By • Nov 24th, 2010 • Category: Mathematics Education

Eileen Donoghue has had many roles in the Mathematics Education Program at Teachers College. She has been a student, faculty member, mentor, advisor and loyal friend to the Program. Her love of mathematics began at an early age and grew during her freshman year in high school when her mathematics teacher had studied with the [...]

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jessica Riccio, M.A. Pre-service Coordinator in Science Education

By • Nov 24th, 2010 • Category: Science Education

Dr. Jessica Riccio has always had an inquisitive disposition. When she was six years old she received a microscope for Christmas and experimented with anything and everything to create microscope slides. With a mother and grandmother both being nurses, respect for the sciences was ingrained in her. Similar to many other children, she enjoyed playing [...]

OpEd: Stop Waiting for Superman – A Prescription to Fix Our Ailing Schools? A Review of the Film “Waiting for ‘Superman’”

By • Nov 24th, 2010 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

By Dino Sossi “Look, I’m just a storyteller. When I make a film, I never want the film to become a vehicle of social propaganda.” – Norman Jewison Educating children is emotionally taxing. Their natural curiosity, inherent playfulness and seemingly boundless joie de vivre create an insatiable demand for constant attention in its fullest and [...]

Video Games: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

By • Nov 23rd, 2010 • Category: Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design

Asi Burak, Co-president of Games for Change, presented his talk “Video Games: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” on October 25th. Burak, creator of the social issue game Peacemaker, shared his thoughts about how digital games can be used a tool to shape society for good. The presentation was sponsored by CCTE and MST and [...]