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Rockland Farm Alliance

by Jack Taliercio Is Rockland County, New York, just thirty miles north of Manhattan, a hotbed of sustainable agriculture?  A grassroots effort, led by the passionate vision of a single farmer, John McDowell, may well revive local food production in … Continue reading

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Feature: The Evolution of Cafeteria Food

By Jennifer Rock                                                                           … Continue reading

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SPE Certified: A Haute Time Or Just Another Nutrition Faux Pas?

By Stephanie Lang Pretty soon we may be saying sayonara to excess butter, salt, and processed sugar in restaurants. Some New York City restaurants are finally jumping on the health bandwagon with the advent of the hot new SPE Certification. … Continue reading

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GM Foods – Have We Gone Too Far?

By Amy Lin Have you ever seen a tailless cow?  Now you can. In the most recent iteration of transgenic cows aimed at producing more nutritious and hypoallergenic milk, we have also produced a tailless cow. A research group in … Continue reading

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Why CSA?

By Jennifer Rock As the weather turns balmy, I’ve found that Summer has taken on new meaning for me.  It’s the start of the Community Supported Agriculture season, where people scramble for choice spots in their local CSA programs. CSAs … Continue reading

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Branch Chain Amino Acids: The Next Breakthrough in Sports Nutrition?

By Victoria Martinet Athletes are always looking for a competitive edge, be it through specialized coaching methods, equipment, training, or through diet and supplements. People are often attracted to ingestible products that guarantee them an advantage, as if taking a … Continue reading

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The Dirt on Organic

by Jennifer Rock The topic of organic produce vs. conventional produce is still hot among American consumers, especially as prices rise in an unstable economy.  Some  claim it is unclear whether organic produce is nutritionally superior to conventionally grown produce, … Continue reading

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Up On the Farm: A Story of Rooftop Farming

By Lorraine Mull Rooftop farming is one of the latest innovations in the Local Food Movement, with the potential to educate and provide  urban communities with locally and sustainably grown fresh fruits and vegetables. The practice of growing plants on … Continue reading

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Genetically Engineered Salmon: Is It Safe?

by Jessica DeCostole The FDA is close to approving the first ever genetically modified animal for human consumption: Atlantic salmon.      The GM salmon, named AquAdvantage by Massachusetts-based company AquaBounty Technologies Inc., was created by combining a growth hormone from … Continue reading

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