Exotic Tastes: The traveling foodie- !Viva españa!

by Lindsay Smith

One of the best parts about traveling around the world is trying food from different cultures and places. In June, this traveling foodie was lucky enough to visit the wonderful country of Spain for three weeks, so I’m here to share the delicious food that I sampled as I traveled across the country.

Patatas bravas is one of the most classic dishes, where it is often served as a tapa in bars. You can practically find this dish everywhere in Spain. It consists of white potatoes that have been chopped up into small bits, which are then fried in oil and served with a spicy tomato sauce and a sweet aioli. This dish was a staple in my diet while I spent my time in Spain.  The spiciness of the sauce mixed well with the sweet aioli, while the potatoes served as a tool to cool down the heat.

You obviously can’t go to Spain without sampling some of the sweets that they have to offer, especially the churro. Churrerias are very interesting places. You can either have a churro as a late night snack or for breakfast instead of donuts. Churros are fried pastry dough, which can either be long and thick or short and thin. At most churrerias, you can order your churros with a side to dip it in. Obviously I went with the most luscious and popular choice of hot chocolate. This hot chocolate is not your typical thin American cup of hot chocolate, but instead a thick cup of melted chocolate. Heaven in a cup.

Another popular tapa dish are croquetas, which are filled and fried bread-crumbed rolls. In Spain, croquetas are mainly filled with jamon (ham), chicken, or seafood. In this picture below, the croquettas are filled with ham and goat cheese. This may have been one of the best dishes that I had on my trip to Spain. You can find these at any restaurant in Spain or in a market, such as in Madrid or Barcelona.

Of course I couldn’t write about Spain without including the most iconic Spanish dish: paella. Paella originated as a dish from Valencia that has been utilized throughout Spanish cities as a popular dish for non-Spaniards. It consists of white rice, meat, and vegetables served in a large hot dish. There are a wide variety of types of paella you can order such as seafood, Valencian, and mixed that will include land and sea creatures. The top of the rice is soft while the bottom of the dish is crispy and fried due to the heat from the pan. It is such a rich and filling meal.

If you want to sample classic Spanish tapas dishes, there are a variety of tapas bars in Manhattan such as Marcha Cocina in Washington Heights, or Bar Jamon in Gramercy!


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