At the Center for Food & Environment we believe that building an environment that creates opportunities for everyone to have access to healthful food and activity choices is fundamental. We work on policy and system change projects to allow this environment to become a reality.

Evaluation of the New York City Food & Fitness Partnership
The mission of the NYC Food and Fitness Partnership engages communities in creating equitable access to healthy, quality, affordable foods and in developing opportunities for active living, starting in neighborhoods of highest need. As the evaluators for this project, we are tracking the policy and system change efforts in the focus community of Central Brooklyn as well as city-wide efforts. These efforts are: changing community food through more farms, gardens, farmers markets, and healthful options in retail outlets within the community; increasing opportunities for active living through improving walking and biking infrastructure and offering physical activity in parks; and improving school food through strong child nutrition policy and working toward systems that increasingly use locally procured food in schools.

Research Study on Food, Health & Choices
A four-year research study, from 2009-2013, with fifth grade students, combines policy and education. We are examining the synergistic effect of classroom curriculum and wellness policy implementation. The curriculum addresses why to and how to eat healthfully, while the wellness policy creates model food and activity environments in the classroom and throughout the school. To examine the impact on students, twenty schools will participate, and will be divided, by random assignment, into four groups: curriculum and wellness policy; curriculum only; wellness policy only; and delayed controls. Watch for more details.