We work with like-minded groups and organizations that share our vision for healthy people in healthy communities. Below is a description of our current collaborations.

Columbia University Environmental Stewardship
Columbia University Office of Environmental Stewardship is housed within the Office of the Senior Executive Vice President. Environmental Stewardship initiates, coordinates, and implements practical programs to reduce the University’s environmental footprint and promotes a culture that values the environment and acts to protect it. We support these efforts by providing suggestions and guidance on food and nutrition issues related to sustainability.

CookForYourLife is a free, hands-on cooking and nutrition education program for cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers. We are collaborating with Columbia University School of Public Health and CookForYourLife to develop and evaluate a version for Hispanic breast cancer survivors, “Cocinar Para Su Salud.”

Edible SchoolYard New York
Edible SchoolYard New York is part of the Edible SchoolYard program started by Alice Waters in Berkeley, CA. We are working with Edible SchoolYard New York to develop math-based application lessons, called Edible Math. These lessons are designed for use in grades K-5. There will be 8–10 lessons per grade level. The lessons use plants grown in the school garden or the classroom and extend classroom learning by allowing students to apply their math skills in a real setting. These lessons are part of Edible SchoolYard’s Outreach Program and are available to all New York City public schools.

Food Fight
Food Fight works with High Schools in New York City to have the schools teach the Food Fight curriculum that combine media education with nutrition and food policy. We are collaborating with Food Fight on the development of their high school curriculum project and the evaluation of this project to determine its effectiveness. The curriculum content is media literacy, nutrition, and food policy.

Grant Houses Garden
We are working on a Columbia University Environmental Stewardship project with undergraduate students. These students are working with residents of Grant Houses, a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) site directly north of Columbia’s Morningside Campus. The project includes starting a garden and conducting gardening, nutrition, and food classes with children who attend after-school and summer camp programming at Grant Houses Community Center. Our role is to help develop a series of lessons.

GrowNYC is a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations. We collaborate with GrowNYC on their GreenMarket education program. Our teams work together to develop a lesson series about the importance of eating locally-sourced food for personal health and environmental sustainability. This lesson series was piloted in the 2009-10 school year in two schools. In these lessons students observe and eat fresh, local foods as well as learn practical skills they need in order to purchase and prepare foods produced in our region. GrowNYC is a Studio in a School Healthy Eating Curriculum partner.

Harlem RBI
Harlem RBI provides inner-city youth with opportunities to Play, Learn and Grow. They use the power of teams to Coach, Teach and Inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. We develop, implement and evaluate lessons on eating healthfully, cooking, and gardening to Harlem RBI’s REAL Kids Program, students in grades 2-6. These lessons provide students with rich and engaging experiences where they learn why healthful eating is important and then are able to grow, cook, and eat healthful foods. They also create and monitor action plans for making healthful changes in their lives.

Harlem Ivy
Harlem Ivy is a program of the Office of Community and School Partnership at Teachers College. They provide after-school programming to schools close to Teachers College. We develop, implement and evaluate lessons for the Harlem Ivy after-school program. The Harlem Ivy students come to our EarthFriends Foods Education Laboratory. They engage in activities where they explore, analyze, and critique our food system. They also learn about our food environment and now to navigate the environment to make food choices that will promote energy balance.

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
We collaborated with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Market to create Produce Cards Lesson plans to accompany their Produce Training Cards.

The Kids Cook Monday
The Kids Cook Monday is Healthy Monday’s program to provide a weekly opportunity for families to take health into their own hands and cook and eat together. We are collaborating The Kids Cook Monday program, to have Monday Family Cooking Nights in our EarthFriends Food Education Laboratory. Families come to cook a healthy, meatless meal together and make a commitment to cook and eat healthful food together at home.

Studio in a School Art and Healthy Living
Studio in a School fosters the creative and intellectual development of New York City youth through quality visual arts programs, directed by arts professionals. We are collaborating with Studio and Grow NYC’s GreenMarket Education Program to create a fourth grade curriculum that combines tasting GreenMarket produce, learning about the nutritional benefits of fresh, local produce, and creating art that uses the GreenMarket produce as inspiration.

New York City Department of Education Sustainability Initiative
The Sustainable Initiative is working to incorporate sustainability into the core curriculum of New York City Public Schools. Our LiFE Curriculum Series is posted as one of the resources to compliment the Grade 5 Science Unit on Food and Nutrition.

Ramapo College Edible Garden
The Havemeyer Edible Garden at Ramapo College serves as a fertile ground for learning about sustainable food, eating and nutrition that bring about awareness and motivates individuals to make more healthful food choices. We collaborate with them on the development of nutrition lessons to accompany the garden activities.