What We Do

The Center for Food & Environment (CFE) is part of the Program in Nutrition, Department of Health & Behavior Studies at Teachers College Columbia University. Since its beginnings in 1909, the Program has been at the forefront of the field by conducting cutting edge research, providing education that improves people’s lives, and shaping policy that makes the world a healthier place. The Center, initiated in 1996, builds on this strong tradition.

Healthy people living in healthy communities.

To help individuals and communities understand the connections between eating and activity behaviors, health, and the environment and to take actions to support these connections.

The Center for Food & Environment (CFE) focuses on research, education, and policy

We investigate why people make the food choices they do and the food system context within which people make choices. We evaluate the effectiveness of interventions aimed at facilitating voluntary adoption of more healthful and sustainable food choices.

We develop research-based nutrition and science curricula and supplemental educational materials. Our work is dedicated to helping people make connections among food, food systems, health, personal behavior, and the environment. The CFE materials promote scientific habits of mind through thoughtful, inquiry-based activities. They encourage the use of scientific evidence for why-to make healthful choices and the use of behavioral theory for practical how-to skills for making choices that promote personal and ecological health.

We also provide direct services to children, parents, and teachers about becoming EarthFriends … eating foods that are good for personal health and good for the planet.

We develop, implement, and evaluate policy initiatives in schools and communities that aim to make healthful and ecologically sustainable food and activity choices the easy choices